Current Account can be opened by

Current account can be opened by individual / HUF, a proprietary concern, a partnership firm, a company, a trust, a local body, Govt. department by signing prescribed account opening form(s) and with proper introduction, identification, address proof etc., accompanied by prescribed documents

Accounts of Companies

  • Name of the company
  • Principal place of business
  • Mailing address of the company
  • Telephone / Fax Number
  • Certificate of incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Copy of the telephone bill
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors to open an account and identification of those who have authority to operate the account
  • Power of Attorney granted to its managers, officers or employees to transact business on its behalf
  • Copy of PAN allotment letter
  • Accounts of Partnership Firms
    • Legal name
    • Address
    • Names of all partners and their addresses
    • Telephone numbers of the firm and partners
    • Registration certificate, if registered
    • Partnership deed
    • Power of Attorney granted to a partner or an employee of the firm to transact business on its behalf
    • Any officially valid document identifying the partners and the persons holding the Power of Attorney and their addresses
    • Telephone bill in the name of firm/partners
  • Accounts of Trusts & Foundations
    • Names of trustees, settlers, beneficiaries and signatories
    • Names and addresses of the founder, the managers / directors and the beneficiaries
    • Telephone / fax numbers
    • Certificate of registration, if registered
    • Power of Attorney granted to transact business on its behalf
    • Any officially valid document to identify the trustees, settlors, beneficiaries and those holding Power of Attorney, founders / managers / directors and their addresses
    • Resolution of the managing body of the foundation / association
    • Telephone bill


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