Savings Bank Account can be opened by

an individual in his own name

more than one individual in their joint names payable to all of them jointly or any one or more or survivor/s.

guardian on behalf of a minor furnishing a declaration as to the date of birth of the minor.

a minor over the age of 12 years in his own name provided the minor produces the satisfactory proof of his / her date of birth such as Date of birth certificate; issued by corporation / hospital, school certificate etc. [However the maximum balance in such account shall be restricted to Rs. 10,000/-].

secretaries / treasurers / managers or duly constituted / authorized officers of the clubs, association (registered or unregistered), school, religious or charitable institutions and such other body of like nature in their names, by giving clear operational instructions and furnishing the constitution / rules & bylaws governing such institutions and other necessary information.

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